We are the only salon in the area that offers custom UV tanning, with the advanced technology of the Exclusive Sun Angel Duo.

Blue Palm features 4 BRAND NEW, right off the showroom floor units and optimal tanning packages to fit your needs. Experience the luxury tanning that can only be found here at Blue Palm.


The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning – taught to every Smart Tan member salon – is “Don’t EVER sunburn.” Exposure to UV from sunlight or from a sunbed means something different for a fair-skinned red-head than it does for someone of southern European or African descent. It’s not one-size-fits-all.

Professional indoor tanning facilities today are teaching a balanced message that overexposure is to be avoided and that non-burning exposure – for those who can develop a suntan – is the standard. Smart Tan certified operators are fully trained to deliver the most positive experience for all clients. Trained operators carefully evaluate each client for skin type, UV history, and more. In fact, professional salons that operate under Smart Tan guidelines direct the fairest-skinned consumers (skin type 1 – people who cannot develop suntans without burning) to use non-UV spray tanning and are not allowed to use UV equipment. Trained operators outline the potential risks of UV light, protective eyewear for UV tanning, and safety procedures for both UV and non-UV spray tanning.

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Please be advised the “levels” at each salon is at the discretion of the owner(s). Our “level” equipment may not be the same “level” equipment at surrounding salons. – BP Management